12 Fun and Absolutely Easy Paper Crafts for Kids

Kids easily get bored with studying and reading. Why not change their routine for a day? How about you teach them some paper crafts.

Paper Crafting is one of the simplest and fun things you can do with your kids. You can even make home decors out of it. Make paper crafts with your kids and then decorate their room with those crafts. They will have more fun this way.

With your crafting skills, you can make anything out of a piece of paper. All you need is colorful papers, glue, and scissors. Here are a few ideas you can use to get started.

12 Easy and Absolutely Fun Paper Crafts for Kids

1. Paper Frog

Can you believe that you can actually make a jumping frog out of the paper? Paper frog is not very difficult to make. You can make many such small frogs and then compete to see which frog jumps the highest or goes farthest.

2. Pinwheel

Kids look so happy when they blow the pinwheel and it spins. You can easily make this pinwheel at home with paper. Do some basic cutting and pasting and you have a pinwheel ready.


3. Paper Flowers

Ever thought that you can turn a paper into a beautiful flower that will never wilt. Use these flowers as hangings or put them in a vase. You can even decorate your rooms with these beautiful never-dying flowers.

paper flower

4. Paper Fan

The paper fan can be the best summer craft. Kids can use paper fans to keep themselves cool. It can also be used as home décor.

paper fan

Credits: http://thinkcrafts.com

5. Weaving Mat

You need just two different color papers for making a Paper mat. Cut these papers in stripes leaving the ends and then weave them. Use these paper mats as decorative coasters.

paper mat

Credits: makeandtakes.com

6. Paper Basket

Paper basket can be easily made using a variety of color papers. Kids can use these baskets to pick flowers or to store their chocolates and accessories.

7. Paper Boat

Paper Boat is one of the easiest things to make out of paper. Make a few colorful boats and then sail them in the water tub.

paper boat


Instead of using the same boring bookmarks you can make yourself a customized one. Make these bookmarks in the shape of monsters or smileys and make paper bookmarks more interesting.

9. Lantern

Instead of buying expensive lanterns you can easily make one with the paper. You can use it as your Halloween or Christmas decoration.

10. Butterfly

Make beautiful small butterflies out of paper that can go with the paper flowers you made. Pin some butterflies on the flowers and you can make your own beautiful garden.

11. Paper Chain

Cut colorful paper in stripes. Then roll them in rings and make a chain. Use this paper chain to decorate the backyard or your rooms.

paper chain

Credits: Bournemouth.ac.uk

12. Paper Plane

Paper planes are one of the most enjoyable crafts as a kid. Once you make a plane you can launch it in the air to see how far it goes.

paper plane

So, I hope you and your kids have fun making these easy paper crafts.

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