10 Easy And Fun Fall Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Fall or also known as Autumn is the season where the leaves shed off the tree. Halloween and Thanksgiving are celebrated in the Autumn season. So this is the right season to showcase your crafting skills.

There are a variety of fall crafts which can be made on the Fall Theme. These crafts make the season more beautiful and fun. They are easy, quick and requires materials which can easily be found at home.

This post will take you through some of the best Fall Crafts for Kids that you can enjoy making and then use it as home decor or as decoration in Halloween and Thanksgiving.

10 Easy and Fun Fall Crafts for Kids of All Ages

1.  Paper Pumpkins

Pumpkins play a very important role in Halloween and Thanksgiving. Make paper pumpkins and hang them from the ceiling. They are very cute and easy to make.

2.  Watercolor Fall Leaf Wreath

Fall Leaf Wreath

Credits: sheknows.com

Leaf Wreath can be a beautiful home decor for Fall and Thanksgiving. Prepare leaves from watercolors and then make them into a beautiful wreath.

3.  Falling Leaves Garland

Falling Leaves Garland

Credits: Spoonful

The orange, red, yellow, and brown color of the leaves can be a perfect fall decoration. Falling leaves garland can be a beautiful front door decor during the Falls.

4.  Owl Pinecones

Pinecone owls can be so ‘Hootiful’.  Use pinecones to make your own cute little owl. Use them as a decor for the centerpiece during Thanksgiving.

5.  Leaf Bookmark

Leaf Bookmark

Credits: instructables.com

Reading books out in the yard during Fall feels so amazing. How about you bring those beautiful fall leaves in your book. Make yourself a nice leaf bookmark and use them instead or the normal bookmarks.

6. Leaf Lantern

Want to replace a normal lantern with something interesting? Use a mason jar to make fall leaf lantern. They can be a great DIY Fall and Halloween decoration and they look So Pretty!

7. Tissue Paper Fall Tree

Tissue Paper Fall Tree

Credits: iheartcraftythings.com

In the season of Fall, why not make a tree of your own? Tissue paper tree can be a fun craft to do on a boring afternoon with your kids.

8. Handprint Tree

Handprint Tree

Credit: thebestideasforkids.com

Make a tree full of leaves of your own. Take handprints of all the family members and cut them out to make leaves. Use pinecone as decoration too. This Handprint tree can be an amazing centerpiece and a perfect family activity.

9. Leaf Silhouette Art

Leaf Silhouette Art

Credits: thebestideasforkids.com

Leaf Silhouette Art is one of the easiest fall crafts. All you need is paper, paint, and some leaves from your backyard. Leaf Silhouette Art can be a stunning art display for your homes.

10. Scarecrow

Make scarecrows to decorate your backyards during the Autumn. They can even be a perfect Halloween decoration.

Final Words

So, let’s welcome the fall with these beautiful fall crafts. Step outside and collect a few pretty fall leaves and start crafting.

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