7 Easy And Cheap Simple Craft Ideas with Household Items

Crafts keep the kids entertained and also increases their creativity. It increases the coordination between eyes and hands. But crafting can be costly as it involves buying many supplies.

This can be made easy and inexpensive by recycling household items. Using household items for crafts will not only save your money but also keep your kids busy.

This post will take you through Simple Craft Ideas with Household Items.

7 Easy And Cheap Crafts Ideas with Household Items

1. Can Flower Pots

Can Flowering Pots

Credits: halfpintpeeps.com


  1. Soup Cans
  2. Soda Cans
  3. Paints
  4. Plants
  5. Soil
  6. Cutter (Only for parents use – Cutting bottle)

Steps: Cut open the lids of the cans for your kids. Ask them to paint the cans with beautiful colors. Let the cans dry. Now, put some soil in it and sow some seeds for growing. You can even plant a small already grown plant in it. If you want you can hang them or just put it out in your garden.

2. Painted Rocks

Painted rocks

Credits: craftcreatecook.com


  1. Rocks
  2. Paints and Brush
  3. Glue

Painted rocks can be used as a decorative material in many ways. They can be used as a paper holder or as a decoration for a centerpiece.

Steps: Collect a few smooth rocks from your backyard and wash them clean. Then after wiping them with a cloth paint it in a different color and styles. Let them dry.

3. Water Bottle Holder

Water bottle Pencil holder


  1. Water Bottle
  2. Color and Brush
  3. Decoration Materials
  4. Tissue Paper
  5. Glue
  6. Cutter (Only for parents use – Cutting bottle)

Steps: Cut the bottle into half for your kids. Stick tissue papers on the half cut bottle and paint it. You can even pain it directly and let it dry. Use some decoration items to make them look beautiful.

Now your Bottle Holder is ready for use. You can put stationary or spoons in them.

4. Guitar


Credits: halfpintpeeps.com


  1. Cereal Box
  2. Spaghetti Box
  3. Rubber Bands
  4. Glue

Steps: Use Cereal Box as the Base and Spaghetti Box as the neck. Stick the spaghetti box in the center of the top edge of the cereal box. Use the rubber bands as cords.

5. Paper Dream Catchers

Dream Catcher

Credits: thecrafttrain.com


  1. Paper plate
  2. Coloured Craft and Crepe Paper
  3. Paint and Brush
  4. Glue
  5. Feathers

Steps: Cut a hole in the center of the paper plate. Paint it and let it dry. Cut the colored craft paper into thin stripes and crepe paper into little thick stripes. Stick the craft paper on the paper plate around the hole making it mesh. Stick the crepe paper on the bottom edge and attach feathers on the other end.

6. Pasta Ornaments

Pasta Ornaments

Credits: cbc.ca


  1. Uncooked Pasta
  2. Vinegar
  3. Food Coloring
  4. Containers
  5. plastic needle and yarn

Steps: Mix vinegar and food coloring in a bowl. Take uncooked pasta in a container and pour the prepared mixture in it. Shake them well to color all the pasta. Let them dry. Now use a plastic needle and yarn. Thread the pasta to make necklace and bracelets.

7. Rocket


Credits: parents.com


  1. Towel Tubes
  2. Paper
  3. Clothespin
  4. Mesh Bag
  5. Glue
  6. Scissors
  7. Stickers

Steps: Cut the paper into a circle and make a cone. Paint the towel tube and glue the cone on top of it. Cut the mesh bag into pieces and tape them inside the tube on the lower end. Color the clothespin and pin them at the bottom.

Final Words

Thus, crafting is not that difficult. If you want to keep your kids busy and even want to reuse some of the household items then do the above-mentioned crafts.

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