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Our mission is to ignite the spark of creativity in every child by providing them with a carefully curated kids' crafts box, fostering imagination, skill development, and family bonding, while promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices in crafting.

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Perfect solution! I usually hunt for holiday crafts at various stores but this year COVID made that more difficult primarily because the kids are home and attending school online. They are with me 24/7. This craft box is so cute and they love it. I love that it comes with all the instruction cards and supplies needed.

Source: Etsy

My girls all loved the crafts here. The customer service was wonderful. I was able to get a customized box also. The box came with all the supplies. Arriving with all the supplies is most important. I will definitely order again.

Source: Etsy

Loved the choices of crafts that accompanied the story. The children, both preschoolers were engaged and were able to do a lot of the tasks themselves.

Source: Google

I was really happy to try out The Kids Craft kit, Cherish the Rainbow. It had four really fun, engaging and put together crafts for my kids ages 6 and 9. They were easy enough for my 9 year old to follow and my 6 year old completed some of them with assistance from myself... Source: Google Customer Reviews


We’ve been doing a lot of subscription and craft boxes during the pandemic, and this was definitely one of our favorites. (1) The instructions were awesome with clear directions and photos. (2) The quality of the included craft items was great, and (3) the crafts are just super cute and unique ( the hot air balloon was a particular favorite).. .A step above the standard craft kits for sure. Source: Etsy


Fast delivery, haven't tried the crafts yet. But the box looks amazing! I think my two youngest little ones will have fun with this with me. Very detailed instruction, so I dont even have to THINK!!!! That is a gift in itself! And I am a Waldorf education Mamma, and this is pretty close to what I accept in my house for my kiddohs, really really great! Thank you thank you for making Moms (and any caregiver) lives easier! Source: Etsy


This was a huge hit with my two kids - ages 5 and 2.5. Beautiful, high quality crafts. Source: Etsy


The kit came with everything needed. my both kids 6 and 8 enjoyed making air planes. I am glad it gave them a break from screens.


The kits was very interesting diy for my kid and also educational at the same time. Everything was well packed and arrived on time.


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