Why is Arts & Craft important for my Kid?

Kids love to do arts and crafts and it’s important for them to practice it both at school and at home. They help the kids & their parents in developing some very important skills like, Motor Skills, Literacy, Math Concepts, Creativity, Self-Esteem, Parent Bonding.

All of our crafts are geared to enhance all of the above skills and that's front & center of our mission. Let's develop our kids and let them be a creator.

What is a Craft Box?

Craft Box contains lot of fun stuff for kids that they can use to create their own masterpiece in their own way (or use our way by looking at our pictorial or visual instructions).

Each Craft Box has at least 3 to 5 crafts for a kid. And, while it depends on how much time your kid can spend with each craft, we estimate, each craft is at least 15-30 minutes of engagement. If your kid likes to pretend play, you are set for hours!

Our Craft Box engages kids in activities like, cutting, pasting, coloring, putting things together to make wonderful things that they can use as a prop, they may be wearable or decorations that can live in a corner of your house.

You can let your kid create one craft a day/week or every few days, or everything in one go. It's also great when you want to organize a party at your place and want to keep the kids occupied.

Warning: Choking Hazard - Most or all of our Kits contain small parts not suitable for children less than three (3) years of age. Adult Supervision Required.

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