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I'm pleased to welcome you to my new initiative "The Kids Craft" thekidscraft.com, I have set The Kids Craft's objective to be a very simple but very important:

"Our mission is to focus on kids' development while keeping it unique, fun, affordable, & safe."

Expanding on the objective and specifically unique and fun part, it's my mission to help you spend quality time with your kid, specifically stress-free and hassle-free experience. If you have to run around to gather things from 10 different places to gather material for your kid to learn something new, well that's great and appreciable of your efforts, but what if, you don't have to and instead use that time to spend with your kid. That's where The Kids Craft comes in, we enable you to spend quality time with your lovely kiddo. We offer Craft Box for your kids or one-off Craft Kits, or even better monthly subscription service where in you receive a unique, new and freshly designed craft box with all material included. We do the work and all the running for many parents, insread of you doing it, saves much time. So, leave the hassle to us, and enjoy seeing you kid be a creator and create a masterpiece. Let your kid "be a creator".

Let's talk about affordability part, Craft Box is much simpler way to get many things, some of our craft boxes have over 30 things included all in one price - can you imagine going around to all the different places, thinking about needing 30 things and then buying each required craft material individually at a cheaper rate. I suppose you could if you just look at $ spent but that's a lot of time, energy and probably more money spent for the overall experience (time & material). We make it simple for you, we get to buy in bulk, that means wholesale rates, we go through and spend energy in coming up with the craft ideas, ensuring it's going to be fun - otherwise what's the point, testing them out - so we iron out the kinks before you get the box, creating easy instructions, including interesting facts that your kid will learn as they create a craft, create a story to make it more insightful, interesting and fun for your kid, and shop all of the products from many vendors. That was exhausting just to tell, I can imagine and have experienced in the past, how exhausting it will be to do all of it.

Let me touch on Safety part, it's a very important part, in fact the most important part of all of it. Being a mother of two kids, who would know better than me and you as a parent that not everything being sold out there is safe and may have an ingredient that should not get in your kid's hand, example, a product with lead contents, etc. That's just scary! What I have told my small team and I personally monitor is, either we create and assemble a product in a reasonable cost with ultimate quality products, or we don't create. There are no cutting corners when it comes to all of ours safety. I take pride that we are able to include products from companies like Crayola, Newell Brands, International Paper, etc. They are reputed and have stringent and robust quality standards. We never compromise on quality and safety. I simply just won't get anything out of our shop, if I can't give it to my own kids.


Please take some time to review my blog from time to time on thekidscraft.com, and The Kids Craft @thekidscraft.com offerings. This initiative can help you with many of your worries, like how to make sure your kid's spending time that develop their skills, sensory, motor skills, etc., what affordable Birthday Gift can I get a kid that they will remember me for, what can be an affordable return gift that kids will actually use and will remember you for. I have talked to many parents, whose first google search is "return gifts under $5" - we are right there, we know it and we have a range of product.

I hope you will enjoy our collection and will choose us to help you develop your kid and kids around you.

From time to time, I will ensure that we share craft ideas on my blog that will help you to leverage things easily available to you and sometimes unusable or not needed anymore, but can be used to create beautiful art or a craft. It's a win-win situation, use stuff that you don't need anymore or just lying around at your home, and let your kid be a creator.


A little bit more about our family (you will definitely see us in videos in upcoming blogs or products):

I am a mother of two kids and I appreciate them in our life and like you, I have a great desire to see them grow and prepare them for better future.

"The Kids Craft" family is proud to offer the highest quality, unique ideas and craft kits for your loved ones.

From our family to yours, we put lots of love and careful attention in each item. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

We are a fully US based family & a small-business family, and completely align with and understand our cultural, & social values.

Each product right from ideation to execution is local and created, assembled and shipped out of our location here in Illinois.

It's a fun and a proud moment to watch the kids when they create their own stories, even beyond what we have created to give them a starting point. You will be amazed when you see your kid do that!

Let's make this world a better place for our kids and let's prepare our kids for future by developing them.

Do not hesitate to give a suggestion or ideas or if you would like me to share more about any craft ideas I post, or any craft ideas you would like me to post.

I would love to hear about not needed things lying around you at your house that you think can be used for your kid's development, esp. arts & crafts related, but just don't have time, or not sure how to leverage them, and I will be sure to spend some time to see how it can be leverage and post my ideas at my blog. My direct email address is neha@thekidscraft.com

If you are not satisfied with anything or have a suggestion on how we can improve our presence in this internet ecommerce world, I urge you to get your valuable feedback and suggestions. Just an email away!

Neha Garg

CEO & Founder

Creativeana LLC The Kids Craft
Greater Chicago Area
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