Celebrating Halloween During COVID-19

Guest Authors: Archna Singal & Ruchi Arora Gwailorkar.

Halloween has a special place in our hearts. With October around the corner I am muddled on how this festival will look during these pandemic times. With all of us supposed to be staying home and practicing social distancing doesn’t mean Halloween is cancelled — it just means we need to brainstorm creative quarantine Halloween ideas. Nothing can beat the joy of seeing kids’ imagination run wild, planning the costume, the excitement of being a mermaid or the Princess, or the Fire Fighter or the Police man, my little goblins make me yearn that there’s got be a way we can celebrate Halloween during COVID. There are a bunch of ways to make it feel special and just as festive as years before.

Spooky Movie Night

You can choose to do this one via a projector in the backyard, or just with your family, relaxing on the couch. Pop some popcorn and plan to run your family's favorite spooky movie. Do gather some blankets for kids to hide themselves watching the scariest part.

Reverse Trick or treating

With reverse trick-or-treating, people drive by houses like the COVID -19 Birthday Parades. Those in the car will safely and with social distancing deliver the goodies or candies to the kids in costumes in their yards.

Make Crafting Ritual for your Family

One of the ways to make Holidays memorable for kids can be establishing a unique family fall ritual which can be making a craft. So, when Halloween comes around, take the opportunity to gather up some supplies and settle in for a spooky crafter noon. The way my kids’ eyes light up when they see their own creations is priceless.  Here are some craft ideas you can choose - 

  1. Spooky Luminary Bag - Luminary bags are a wonderful way to add a gloomy glamour to your haunted house. And how amazing it would be if the kids can create their own luminary bag and watch them casting charming shadows that will dance on the pavement every hour of the Hallows Eve.
  1. Make your own Halloween Mask - Wearing masks is what Halloween was made for, Right? Making a spooky and scary mask is the great craft for Halloween. How exciting it would be for them to wear a self-made mask “all by myself creation” and wear it with Pride or rather should I say Haunt with Pride.
  1. Spookily cute hangings or signs - This is a great year to go big on Halloween decorations and what fun idea to go the DIY route. Get your child started to build their own Halloween décor showstopper. Crafting their own favorite characters for the spooky theme would be so much fun. The mystical unicorn witch seems a must try craft ! With glittery eyes, and a tall pointy black hat, colorful hair, these cute Unicorn witch signs are definitely more fun than frightening. Easier than casting a spell or brewing up a secret portion, assembling these will be simple to do and will leave kiddos crackling with glee!
  1. Paint and décor pumpkin - Whether you're aiming for a classic jack-o'-lantern face or a more original design, pumpkin carving is another activity without which Halloween is incomplete. For a quarantine-o-ween keepsake we can innovate and choose and paint wooden pumpkin we can be hung with a ribbon or put a magnet behind for refrigerator magnet décor

It will be unfair to expect you to run to several stores to gather supplies and exhaust you. Why don't you get an all-inclusive Craft Box delivered to you right at your doorstep. I would highly recommend The Kids Craft's all-inclusive Craft Box, not only that Neha (& team) is my great friend but they have also surprised me with the level of kid's engagement each time we get a box. It's always a fun and exciting moment for my kids & myself to unwrap the box and have fun together for days. Here is where you can find their Halloween special Craft Box offerings: Halloween Special Craft Box offerings by clicking here.


Safely Give Out Treats

If your neighborhood is still hosting a socially distanced trick-or-treating event, consider making some of the individual and exact same treat bags ahead of time so that you can leave them in an area. When kids come to your door they pick one pack without touching others - remember to leave the note out for kids that the bags are exactly the same so they can spare the effort of scanning through the best looking bag they want to find.

Make a Treat Feast

Make a kids friendly Halloween treat and what best if kids can join you and help. My kids love the candy corn Rice Krispies recipe. it’s so easy to make and dangerously delicious.

Virtual or Social Distanced Halloween Craft Party

While we are talking about Crafts, let me throw this idea out there - If your community is one of that fun and always eager to try something new one. I encourage you to explore options to host a virtual craft creation party or outside party (if it's not too cold) while maintaining social distancing. I talked to The Kids Craft team and they were quick in coming up with individual craft that you can buy in bulk (6 kits or 12 or more) for the whole community and let them spend 30 minutes together to build their own, say, The Fiery Dragon Mask. They also mentioned that they can mix and match - get some unicorn ones, get some dragon. Here is the link that they provided for Halloween Individual Crafts - all appears to be in the range of $5 or less a kit.

Virtual Costume Affair Party

Have a virtual party where everyone can show off their Costume and its inspiration. There can be prizes for the Scariest Costume, Best Costume, Best Inspiration and many more.

Choose one or more to celebrate little things together with your family and make this Quarantine-o-ween the Happiest.

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super crafty, love it!


Loved the idea n your craft boxes. My daughter is so excited seeing this. Looking forward to order one.


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