Are you still scratching your head on what to do, how to make most of this Holiday season?

Guest Author: Ruchi Gautam.

Halloween is over and now the season of gratitude "Thanksgiving" is around the corner.

Here I am focusing on thanksgiving which as most of you know falls on the fourth Thursday of November and is an official holiday and officially/unofficially ton of fun with family & friends. This day is celebrated as a day of harvest in the United States and Canada. Americans generally believe that their Thanksgiving is modeled on a 1621 harvest feast shared by English colonists of Plymouth and Wampanoag people.

It is said that President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national thanksgiving day to be held each November.

This is also known as a day of appreciation. Turkey dinner is the most popular and favorite of all on this traditional holiday. This day makes us realize and remind us to be thankful, show gratitude, and honor things and people around us.

You can be thankful to friends, family, or any stranger. You can show gratitude to God for giving you the privilege of becoming what you are and what you have.

Some people enjoy this day by doing campouts, having leisure in shopping, some enjoy with friends by taking covered meals to friends and family.

I know this time, is a challenging time for most of us as due to the current pandemic many plans are withheld, some are grieving the loss of closest loved ones and wonder how will we endure Thanksgiving this year? But cheer up by remembering all the beautiful moments in your memories.

This year as we are following social distancing, kids are missing on a lot of activities - school, friends playtime, and very important - family time with grandparents, cousins, aunts/uncles, and so many more loved ones.

From our perspective (aunt’s, grandma, grandpa, uncles, and many more roles that we play) – It's also on our mind what to gift a kid this holiday. It’s always a tough question, it’s even tougher this year with the current pandemic situation. The short but not easy answer to this is, there are a LOT of options, literally, and it gets very confusing.

What I believe in is, get kids something that they can engage with, enjoy, learn, and remember you for!

Apart from fun toys – which by the way, for most kids, they like to play with the box more than a toy itself, and that’s true, Creative Activity-based toys (like Crafts) can be a really good way to make kids and parents both happy. It’s a win-win, kids are challenged to use and develop skills, show and bring their creative one out – truly! And, parents always like when they see their kid grow each day, and more importantly spend time away from screen.

Talking to Neha (Founder, Owner of The Kids Craft), a Craft activity can help bring a kid even closer to the family apart from all the development benefits it has. Imagine gifting a craft kit to a kid and then receiving a facetime, video call from your loved one showing what a masterpiece they have created using the gift you sent them. Just imagining it, tickles my brain and inner self – so exciting.

There are so many options out in the market today, and there are a lot of great ones, so I am not going to say that The Kids Craft Craft Boxes are the ONLY best ones out there, but they are top-notch, and that’s why I offered to write a blog as I believe you need to experience what hundreds of kids have already experienced and appreciated. I particularly like the upcoming Holiday/Christmas theme, with 5 different activities and a Unicorn is an all-time winner – just so lovely, and beautiful (see at the end of this blog). I would highly recommend them. Once you have figured out what you are going to gift a kid, absolutely share with our other readers so they can learn and take ideas from the research you have already done. Post your ideas in the comments section below.

Be sure to make this thanksgiving more exciting by sharing with your family/friends one thing you have been thankful for, in the past year and another person will continue the norm. So just lay back and think about what you are thankful for? At last, I just want to say don't be thankful only on thanksgiving, but keep on appreciating the whole year round, which in turn will flourish happiness around you.

Happy Thanksgiving.


From The Kids Craft's team:

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