Angelic Christmas

Angelic Christmas

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What's in the Box?

Everything is included that they will need - five (5) different crafts, Quality Art & crafts materials, Instructions, A unique & engaging Story, "Did you know!?" facts. Just bring in time, scissors, and water.

Each Box Includes material for crafting:
2x Beautiful Angelica - Angel Craft
2x Snow Flakey - Ornament
2x Christmas Happiness Tree - Gift Pouch
2x Make a Wish - Bracelet
2x Holiday Spirit - Artwork

This Box is good for Two Crafters and includes material for two (2) crafters - either for your two kids, or you could follow along with your kid and make it an even more fun experience. Two crafters may share some material - sharing is caring! Our guarantee, there are more than plenty of supplies in there!

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