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The Fiery Dragon & The Mystical Unicorn Witch DIY Craft Kit Box Combo

The Fiery Dragon & The Mystical Unicorn Witch DIY Craft Kit Box Combo

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With Halloween just around the corner, what better way to get into the Halloween spirit but to create your own Halloween themed crafts that you can even wear, hold or use as a prop. Fun, Interesting, Creative, and Informative activities for your kid. Bring them even closer to Halloween as they create their own wearable Fiery Dragon, create beautiful Luminary art with a glow effect to brighten up a corner in your house, decorate your own crafty pumpkin, & a dragon Halloween backdrop painting using oil pastel colors that creates a perfect scenery to demonstrate your kid's masterpiece - their own creation, and feel proud. You have a Unicorn lover too? Well, they can create a Halloween-themed Unicorn necklace, hanging Unicorn Witch, make spooky spidery glasses, & a spider web backdrop with fun liquid colors.

What's in the Box?

Everything is included that they will need - Eight (8) different crafts, Quality Art & Craft materials, Instructions, A unique & engaging Story, "Did you know!?" facts. Just bring in time, scissors, and water.

Each Box Includes material for:
- Wearable Fiery Dragon
- Spooky Night Luminary bag
- Wooden Pumpkin Magnet
- Dragon Backdrop
- Mystical Unicorn Witch
- Spooky Spidery Glasses
- Wearable Unicorn Necklace
- Spiderweb Backdrop

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